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Rhythmic Happy HeARTs Hour

Nov 04, 2023

10:30 am 11:30 am

Photo Courtesy Tom Teasley

Join us for a very special Happy HeARTs Hour with percussion artist and composer, Tom Teasley! Learn about various percussion instruments and keep to the beat in this interactive session that includes both drawing and music-making. While open to all, these sessions are designed for individuals of all abilities with specific adaptations for those who identify as:

  • Blind or have low vision
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Neurodiverse (Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing, Learning Disabilities)
  • Living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Tom Teasley is an award -winning multidimensional sound artist specializing in ancient and futuristic percussion from around the world combined with American Jazz. In this session, an awareness of rhythm and time is established via stepping and call and response rhythms. Then basic sounds on the hand drums are taught; bass, open and slap tones. After some call and response on the drums, rhythmic traditions from the Middle East, Africa and India are combined with contemporary rhythms. The program culminates with a full percussion ensemble performance in which the participants are encouraged explore self-expression while adding to the totality of the rhythmic community.

The event is free and open to all ages. Drop-ins welcome!

This program is made possible through generous funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Contact Katrina King-Singh at kking@taubmanmuseum.org or 
(540) 204-4131 with any questions and to learn more about this free program.

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