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Rimer Cardillo Gallery Installation Image

Rimer Cardillo

Apr 12, 2024 Aug 25, 2024

Since the late 1960s, Rimer Cardillo’s artistic career has conveyed not only an astounding range and expertise in printing technologies, but also on ongoing concentration on specific political, cultural, and environmental themes.

Through graphic work, sculptural objects, and large-scale installations, Cardillo presents viewers with his searching inquiry into relations across national borders and his rigorous investigation of continuities between historical epochs.

The artist’s vision allows no separation between the ecological and the social as it works to make us aware that whole worlds have already collapsed and disappeared.  Cardillo’s art asserts that the systemic genocide of Aboriginal peoples is inseparable from other forms of loss – whether the destruction of natural habitats, the eradication of biological species, or the very disappearance of genetic diversity. These and other meanings are intricately intertwined and blended to advocate for both an engaged understanding of others and an active preservation of the world we inhabit together.

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