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Shakespeare’s Garden

Jul 12, 2024 Aug 04, 2024

Meander through Shakespeare’s Garden to experience his works through immersive imagery and soundscapes.

Explore the garden’s multiple layers of rich sound through ambient Garden soundscapes, and step into the texts of Shakespeare to hear recordings of his sonnets, soliloquies, and scenes reimagined and performed by Virginia Tech students.

Three installations project Shakespearean texts and integrate images such as blooming flowers, cool rains, and a windy moonlit evening.

Composed soundscapes include field recordings of nature that harmonize into rhythms and textures.

Imagery and sound continuously loop. Linger, revisit, and explore to hear the complete texts and soundscapes.

This immersive experience is presented by the Taubman Museum of Art and Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT). The Taubman Museum of Art is pleased to count Virginia Tech as an Institutional Member.

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