Taubman Carilion Clinic Healing Ceiling Tiles
Carilion Clinic

Healing Ceilings: A Community Tile Project

2020- 2021

Carilion Clinic and the Taubman Museum of Art have partnered to support healing through art! 

This year the Taubman mobilized its expertise and resources in art to provide instruction, prompts and materials, in a health and safety concious way, to the following groups: Community Youth Program, Total Action for Progress, Temple Emanuel Teen Youth Group, Local Homeschool Groups, Friendship Manor (North) Independent Living, Roanoke County Public Schools, Burton Center for Arts and Technology, Science Museum of Western Virginia LAB, and more. 

Over 250 tiles were painted by the groups above to be installed for the enjoyment of patients within Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital as well as other Carilion locations.

Come and see these works of art before the installation at Carilion; on view at the Taubman Museum of Art through June 2021. See below for specific show dates.

Feb. 5-7 & 12-14 : Monterey Elementary 5th Graders of 2019-2020

*Congratulations to the Best in Show winners: 1st Place, Tile #42, Two Giraffes; 2nd Place, Tile #58, Balloons up High; 3rd Place, Tile #79, Hiding Tiger. See these tiles again during the Final Show!*

Feb. 19-21 & 26-28 : Students of Community Youth Program and Staff of Total Action for Progress

*Congratulations to the Best in Show winners: CYP, Student/Youth Category; 1st Place, T2-031, by Rhya B., Two koi fish. 2nd Place, T2-071, by Nayeli, Shapes and colors featuring the moon and stars. 3rd Place, T157, by Tramaine, Shapes and colors featuring starburst like center. TAP Families Category; 1st Place, T186, "Keep on Swimming" by Hannah O. & Jason J. An Underwater scene with yellow fish and pink jellyfish. 2nd Place, T215, "You Can Do It" by Stacy S., Two clown fish. 3rd Place, T218, "There is Beauty Around You" by Angelica & Sebastian L. Large red and yellow flowers with figures. TAP Adult Category; Best in Show, T213 "Hope Amidst the Darkness" by Zahin M. A colorful view with branches.* 

Mar. 5-7 & 12-14 : Temple Emanuel Teen Youth Group & Other Local Students

*Congratulations to the Best in Show Winners: 1st Place, T171, "Untitled" by Jordan W.S.; 2nd Place, T2-017, "Drifting" by Caroline R.; 3rd Place, T156, "Two Buds Just Floating" by Sally G.* 

Mar. 26-28 & Apr. 2-4 : Roanoke County Public Schools Teachers and Students of Burton Center for Arts and Technology

*Congratulations to the Best in Show Winners! From RCPS Teachers: 1st Place, T191, “Stargazer” by R. Wilson; 2nd Place, T197, “Howdy Neighbor” by A. Goin; 3rd Place, T090, “Find the Sea Creatures” by A. Fahnestock-Kane. Burton Center for Arts and Technology: 1st Place, T2-165, “No Title (Gumball Machine)” by Alex H; 2nd Place, T2-127, “Dog” by Andrea G.; 3rd Place, T2-128, “Spring Bunny” by Sateen G.*

Apr. 23-25 & Apr. 30- May 2 : Students of Science Museum of Western Virginia LAB

*Congratulations to the Best in Show Winners! From 1st-3rd Grade Category- 1st Place: T2-088, "Woods", by Wyatt; 2nd Place: T2-092, "Cool Summer", by Harry. From 4th-5th Grade Category- 1st Place: T2-304, "The KK Hopper", by Bailey; 2nd Place: T2-308, "Masks On", by Jonah. From the Middle School Category- Best in Show: T2-204, "Suns of Many" by Hannah.*

May 16, 21-23 & 28-29: Members and Volunteers of Taubman Museum of Art

June 4-6 & 11-13 : Final Show Featuring Best in Show Tiles from all Participating Groups

*The Final Show will feature all award winners named above as well as the Best in Show winners from Friendship Retirment: 1st Place "Pink Flowers"; 2nd Place "Panda"; 3rd Place "Tulips."*



In the pilot year of this partnership the Taubman Museum of Art mobilized its expertise and resources in art to provide instruction, prompts and materials to fourth and fifth graders at Boones Mill, Fishburn Park, Garden City and Morningside elementary schools. Students from the Temple Emanuel Teen Youth Group also contributed. The young artists hand painted more than 100 ceiling tiles before COVID-19 shuttered classrooms.

These tiles were installed at Carilion’s Children’s Hospital to provide comfort and joy to young patients receiving treatment.

Enjoy the galleries below of the tiles created during the 2019-2020 year.