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Tech-Couture: Fashion in the Digital Age

Friday, August 27, 2021 - Sunday, March 06, 2022

Tech-Couture examines the symbiotic relationship between technological advances and high fashion. Much like the invention of the sewing machine or the creation of synthetic fibers that revolutionized the clothing industry, artificial intelligence and 3D printing are shaping the way we dress and live.

Fashion is increasingly turning to alternative materials and methods of production to address evolving 21st century issues such as sustainability, availability, and inclusivity. Demonstrating potential solutions through circular fashion, 3D printing, biomimicry, biofabrics, and generative design, the artworks on display are an extraordinary hybrid of technology and artistry, resulting in breathtaking wearable sculpture.

Featured designers include Iris van Herpen, threeASFOUR, Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Elissa Brunato, Aurélie Fontan, Ewa Nowak, and Laura Thapthimkuna.

Tech-Couture: Fashion in the Digital Age is curated by Eva Thornton, Assistant Curator, Taubman Museum of Art. It is on view August 27, 2021-March 6, 2022 in the Bank of America Foundation/Dominion Resources Gallery.



Images (left to right, top to bottom):

Sophie de Oliveira Barata & Dani Clode, Synchronised, 2017, Created through The Alternative Limbs Project for model Kelly Knox, Electroplated gold carbon fiber, clear acrylic, Photo courtesy of Omkaar Kotedia

Laura Thapthimkuna, Vortex Dress, 2018, 3D printed polymer, Courtesy of the artist 

Aurélie Fontan, Autarky: Fashioning Space, 2021, Mycelium growth process photo, Courtesy of the artist

Ewa Nowak, Incognito, 2019, Brass, Courtesy of the artist

Iris van Herpen in collaboration with designer Niccolo Casas and manufacturer 3D Systems, Magnetic Motion, 2014, 3-D-printed transparent photopolymer and stereolithography resin, 25 x 20 x14 inches, Collection of the High Museum of Art, Purchased with funds from the Decorative Arts Acquisition Trust and through prior acquisitions. 2015.82

Iris van Herpen (Dutch, born 1984) in collaboration with designer Noritaka Tatehana, and manufacturers United Nude and 3d Systems, Hacking Infinity, Shoes, 2015, Laser-cut cow leather, 3-D-printed photopolymer and stereolithography resin, 6 x 9 3 7/8 inches, Collection of the High Museum of Art, Purchased with funds from wish Foundation. 2015.171.1-2

Elissa Brunato with collaborators Hjalmar Granberg and Tiffany Abitbol, Bio Iridescent Sequins, 2019, Tree cellulose, Courtesy of the artist

threeASFOUR in collaboration with Travis Fitch, Voronoi Dress , 2016, Biomimicry Collection,  Laser-cut synthetic leather, Courtesy of the artist



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