Detail shot of the installation

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Alyson Shotz: A Moment in Time (Installation Spotlight)

Friday, June 28, 2019 - Sunday, December 29, 2024

Recently installed on the third floor of the Taubman Museum of Art near the Museum’s balcony overlook is A Moment in Time, a monumental yet delicate work inspiring meditative looking and metaphorical pondering.

Created by Brooklyn artist Alyson Shotz in 2005 and recently loaned to the Taubman by Virginia collectors George and Harmon Logan, the work consists of numerous clear glass beads suspended on long threads of monofilament hanging from a painted steel grid support.

Resembling a steady yet gentle rain shower fixed in time, A Moment in Time transforms subtly in evolving light, thereby evoking distant stars in space or floating holographic planes. The piece might even be said to suggest a measured pause within music, with its beads the notes marked on a staff and its strings those of an unplucked harp.

Born in Arizona, Shotz received her MFA from the University of Washington and a Stanford University Research Fellowship in 2014; and she is celebrated for her sculptures and installations that transform ordinary materials into provocative embodiments of natural phenomenon, sometimes in relation to visualizing ideas from theoretical physics.

The artist’s A Moment in Time possesses affinity with two untitled works by Tara Donovan on view downstairs in the Museum’s theater lobby. In each case the artist modifies a classic minimalist shape (Shotz the grid and Donovan the cube) into a poetically organic presence through the structuring and repetition of small everyday items.

This installation spotlight is on view June 28, 2019-December 29, 2024 in the Rutherfoord Companies Lobby/Reception Area on the Museum's 3rd floor.

Alyson Shotz (American, born 1964), A Moment in Time (detail), 2005, Glass beads, monofilament, steel support, Courtesy of George W. and Helen H.B. Logan; Image courtesy of Alyson Shotz and ©Morris Malakoff