Adults, Late Nights

Late Nights: EMERGE!

Friday, August 05, 2022

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Chad City, LLC & The Taubman Museum of Art will be kicking off our Summer of Artsy Fun with EMERGE! An interactive, local artist Music Bingo, showcasing Roanoke's most prominent, emerging musical artists, from the Spotify "Roanoke Rising" playlist.

This experience serves to provide our local audience with the opportunity to both challenge & grow their local artist knowledge base that spans musical genres, and creatively categorized Bingo rounds.

Audience members will be presented with a new Bingo card per round and may use Shazam, Siri, Google or displayed music lyrics for assistance - with the opportunity to win some fun prizes.

Additionally, local individual dancers, along with 2 of Roanoke's favorite dance companies, will be creating Tik-Tok videos with moves prior to the event. Audience members who can replicate dance phrases with precision will also have the chance to win prizes from some of our most beloved local businesses.

All 4 rounds of Bingo will culminate with a concert featuring a mix of the best Roanoke talent. But who will they be? Guess you've got to show up to find out!