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Artwork Spotlight: Daura with Cane and Brushes by Pierre Daura

Sunday, April 05, 2020

10:30am - 10:35pm

Spanish born and Virginia-based painter Pierre Daura was a prominent figure in the development of European modernism. 

He is known for his participation in the Cercle et Carre, which was a group of artists that promoted geometric construction rather than the irrational abstraction by the Surrealists.

With his lifelong commitment to art, Daura once commented, "All I ever wanted to do is to find a way to paint. I have painted. I have worked. I have given myself to art. That is what I have wanted since my very early age ... to be an artist, good or bad ... that is what I am." 

We hope you enjoy this Artwork Spotlight from the Museum's permanent collection!

Pierre Daura (Spanish, 1896-1976), Daura with Cane and Brushes (detail), 1970-1971, Oil, Gift of Martha Randolph Daura, 2003.026