Children & Family

Sidecar Saturday Children's Class: Seasonal Stamping

Saturday, December 02, 2017

10:30am - 12:00pm

Registration for this class is now closed! Please check the website for more opportunities!

Are you mom or dad’s little sidecar? If so, come along with them to the Museum today for "Sidecar Saturday" where you get to be the one in the driver’s seat!

Get your hands messy creating fun works of art, explore different materials and styles, and make new friends while your parents take their own class or enjoy the galleries.

This Saturday, we'll practice the art of printmaking and fashion design! Bring your own cotton fabric item such as a t-shirt, pillow case, or tote bag. Enjoy a 90-minute class at the Museum while designing your very own stamps to use while decorating your personal item!


*Note: This class is the perfect complement to Making It With Mimosas, offered for moms, dads and others at the same time! Click here to learn more.