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Appreciated Stock

Securities such as stocks and bonds can also be used to make charitable gifts to the Taubman Museum of Art. You are entitled to a charitable deduction (both income tax and estate or gift tax) equal to the mean trading value of the securities on the date of the gift. One of the principal benefits of a gift of securities is that any appreciation is exempt from capital gains taxes.

Transfer Stocks by Phone

Electronic transfer is the preferred and simplest method for stock transfer. First, notify the development department at 540.204.4132, or email hdigangi[at]taubmanmuseum[dot]org. If this is not done prior to a transaction, the identity of the donor may be in jeopardy and the gift may not be received into our account properly. We will need the approximate number and value of shares you intend to give and whether you want the gift to be utilized for a special purpose.

Transfer Stocks by Mail

Stock certificates may be sent via certified mail to Holly DiGangi, Deputy Director of Development, Taubman Museum of Art.

To send the certificates directly to the Taubman Museum of Art:


  • A related stock power must be guaranteed by a bank officer or investment broker.
  • Do not sign or write anything on the stock certificate itself.
  • Place the certificate and the stock power in separate envelopes to ensure security.


Send certificates to:
Holly DiGangi
Deputy Director of Development
Taubman Museum of Art 
110 Salem Avenue SE 
Roanoke, VA 24011

All donations and planned gifts to the Taubman Museum of Art are 100% tax deductible.