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George Washington: Man of Vision, Visions of the Man

Friday, July 1 | 6:30 PM | Members are free; $8 for non-members | Register Here!


Even before his death in 1799, George Washington was celebrated in various ways as the preeminent founding father. Through the exploration of the artistic representations of Washington, spanning his life and the period following his death, a host of important themes tied to the ideals upon which America was founded become abundantly clear. Central to many of these themes is the rule of law and its importance in the preservation of a democratic-republican form of government.

Mike Pace, Tim Isaacs and Scott Crawford with The Center for Teaching the Rule of Law at Roanoke College will return to the Taubman Museum of Art to examine how the representations of Washington in art over the course of the late 18th and 19th centuries symbolically reinforce this concept. Focusing on works currently on display at the Taubman, along with other iconic representations of Washington, participants will explore the rich symbolism found within the works that provide important lessons about Washington's character and the role the rule of law should play within American society.


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