In the Moment: Light, Vision and Memory

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Friday, September 16, 2011 - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrating Photography in the 125th Year of The Roanoke Times

Liberated from archives, pulled from the pages of recent publications and websites, the works on view are not meant to trace a thorough, historical timeline of the Roanoke Valley. Rather, the selection was based on photographic excellence. While the photographs on view were meant to be accompanied by text, be it in an article, caption, or interview, they essentially stand alone as a product of the intersection of art and journalism.

In presenting these works in the museum, we blur the distinction between photojournalism and the fine art of photography and ultimately change how we appreciate and accept these works. Looking at these images as works of art changes our appreciation of them and hopefully encourages a dialogue about photography, documentation, and the relationship between image and text, art and the art of commentary.

In looking at these works from multiple perspectives, we also hope that you view the paper in a different perspective. As you encounter the photographs on view, we hope that you, as we have, come to view The Roanoke Times as both patron of the arts and chronicler of our times.

This exhibition is underwritten by The Roanoke Times and the Virginia Commission of the Arts.

Watch the behind the scenes video of the exhibition taking shape!

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