Jason Salavon: A Seamlessness Between Things

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Saturday, June 15, 2013 - Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jason Salavon is on the forefront of new media art, and has been for over two decades. With a background in computer programming and software design, he employs the language of digital prints, video, painting, and sculpture to explore scientific systems and technology, as well as aesthetics and art history - all using software of his own design as an image-generating tool.

Salavon's Taubman project, A Seamlessness Between Things (traveling straight from its debut in New York), consists of 10 real-time video projections of synthesized data. This interactive room-sized work takes input from masses of public, communally generated information from the Internet and TV signals to reveal unexpected images and juxtapositions. Viewers are invited to manipulate control devices - pushbuttons, knobs, and joysticks - embedded in tables in the gallery. The audience can change the projected images, although often the "cause/effect" relationships are purposefully opaque. This "feed aggregator," as Salavon calls it, at times appears as a collage of visual and textural information that walks the line between abstract and representational art. With this installation, Salavon highlights the increasing "game-ification" of contemporary life as evidenced by such ubiquitous phenomena as online social networks and smart phones.

Ultimately, Salavon uses computers to explore the underlying biological and societal systems that inform our identities and unite us all. As he explains: "I am at once an individual human, a collection of differentiated cells...a part of a community, a social class, a race. I am all these things simultaneously and the distinctions are only a matter of point of view.

Born in 1970 in Indianapolis, Jason Salavon has an MFA from Art Institute Chicago, IL. He has had numerous solo shows nationally and internationally, including in New York; Chicago; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Cologne; Seoul; London; and Paris. Salavon's work is featured in many important collections, such as those of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, TX; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Salavon lives and works in Chicago, IL, and is represented by galleries around the world, key being Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NY and Mark Moore Gallery, CA.