Contact Information

Contact Information

110 Salem Avenue SE
Roanoke, VA 24011

Main Line: 540.342.5760

Museum Staff

Della Watkins, Executive Director, 540.204.4113

Visitor Experience


Cindy Petersen, Deputy Director of Education, 540.204.4137
Hillary Hardison, School and Outreach Manager, 540.204.4110
Heather Faires, Children's Education Associate, 540.204.4109
Kristi Woods, Children's Education Associate, 540.204.4109


Amy Moorefield, Deputy Director of Exhibitions, 540.204.4103
Jim Hudson, Gallery Supervisor, 540.204.4181
Mary LaGueRegistrar, 540.204.4138
Eva Thornton,Curatorial Coordinator, 540.204.4116
Leah Stoddard, Adjunct Curator of Contemporary Art 
Brian Sieveking, Adjunct Curator of Folk and Outsider Art 
Sam Krisch, Adjunct Curator of Photography


Rafael Hurt, Museum Shop Manager and Buyer, 540.204.4172
Caroline Adams, Bookkeeper, 540.204.4114 


Holly DiGangi, Development Manager, 540.204.4132
Elizabeth Woodford, Development Services Manager, 540.204.4119
Pat Walters, Membership and Volunteer Services Manager, 540.204.4117


Bryan Hantman, Marketing Manager, 540.204.4131

Support Services

Jenna Nelson, Support Services and Grants Coordinator, 540.204.4120


Randall Light, Facilities Manager, 540.204.4104
Bilal Bomani, Facilities Assistant and Housekeeping 

Blue Ridge Catering

Sandy Brighton, Director of Operations at Norah's Cafe, 540.204.4141